What people believe in ...

Hanno Gerwin, chief editor of the Evangelische Rundfunkdienst Baden (ERB) (a media agency) is a journalist and theologian with a profound interest in the religious beliefs of prominent people. For five years he has been travelling all over Germany, meeting Vip´s in various places to find out what celebreties do believe in, what are they inspired by and what motivates their actions. The amazing result: Religion plays a key role in the life of many prominent people.

Politicians, for example, what do they believe in? How do pop stars pray to God? Which role does God play in the life of actors or athletes? Do celebreties observe religious holidays? How do they celebrate religious holidays? In about 150 interviews Hanno Gerwin asked prominent people if they believed in life after death.  He questioned them about their values and found out that religion is often considered as a very intimate and personal subject. Take for example Wim Wenders, the famous German director: He once wanted to become a catholic priest. Dennis Edwards, bandleader of the "Temptations", learnt to sing in church, because his father was a preacher.Cliff Richard on the other hand had some kind of revelation at the height of his career. And Ephraim Kishon up to the present day accuses God of letting the holocaust happen, which on the other hand does not keep him from recognizing the power of a creator.No matter whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Atheist, Hanno Gerwin explores the religious faith of many prominent people and listens to what they have to say about their beliefs. - He has found out that it is not a taboo to talk about religion. For many celebreties religion plays a vital role. 

"Gerwin meets..." his famous interview partners in various places, he rides with them in their cars, talks to them after a stage show, he visits them on set, joins them for a drink in hotel lounges, or pays a visit to them in their private homes. Born in 1953, Hanno Gerwin started his journalistic career at the age of 30.He worked for a Newspaper (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and a well known German radio station (Süddeutscher Rundfunk). Later on he founded the Evangelischen Rundfunkdienst Baden as a production company for radio and tv stations. For his journalistic work he won several national and international awards. Hanno Gerwin lives with his family in the region of Alsace in France, close to the German border.

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